Coled One Media Ventures

Hello! My creative output has extended past just writing, and those works finally have a home. Welcome to Coled One Media Ventures, a banner for video and audio content produced by David Cole. I'm happy to finally unveil this endeavor and continue working on it in a public capacity. You can click the pictures below, or the titles of the venture itself, to go directly to each in a new tab.

David cole youtube channel

Video essays, visual poetry, and video game coverage with a folksy touch.

This is the home for, mainly, produced video content. That is to say, you can subscribe to this channel and see new videos that have some editing work done on them. This is where I host my video poems (poems with a visual component), as well as independently-produced sketches, video essays, and game-related ephemera. It's essentially like subscribing to a variety show that you get à la carte, only every piece is free!


Quick Kung-fu reviews

Haphazard reviews befitting the golden age of kung fu movies.

A freely available online zine for film reviews of kung-fu films both classic and obscure. Every review is written with a humorous tint and can be read in five minutes or less.


blame it on the game

A podcast about defeating the undefeatable backlog.

This podcast, available through whatever app you use to listen to podcasts, is based around a simple fact: I own too many video games that I have not played or completed. In order to change that, I'm putting out this show every other week describing in detail what the game I'm currently playing is, what its merits are, and its flaws. I'm explaining these games so that anyone, gamer or not, can understand what I'm talking about--this is NOT another inside baseball show. Hopefully, you'll find some games that you'd like to try for yourself!


coled one twitch streams

Live streams and variety shows centered on video game content.

You can join me on Twitch for live streams of games. That's essentially a live broadcast of myself and a game where you can chat directly with me and impact how the show goes. This venture is all about community and building up a space where we can all have fun. Ideally, followers of this channel find it enjoyable as background noise while they play something, do chores, or otherwise go about their day. Following this channel requires a free Twitch account and I'd really appreciate it if you'd sign up for one and follow the channel. For one, you'll get a notification when I go live so you can jump in. For two, gaining a larger follower account allows me to get somewhere in an endless sea of streamers.