Hello dear friend.

My name is David Cole. I'm a young writer from Kentucky. I grew up in the woods. I live in a city. I've been everywhere, man. I write poetry and prose for all occasions.

If you're interested in contacting me for business inquiries, or just want to be friends, you can reach me through my email address outcoled@gmail(dot)com.


You 'bout to feel the chronicles of a bionical lyric, lyrically splittin' dismissin'. I'm on a mission of just hittin', now it's written:

I'm a writer who focuses his work on three significant points: highlighting the human behind work, the intersecting of pop culture and our actual lives as opposed to seeking "high art," and the way in which life continues to surprise us for good or ill. Naturally, my work deals a lot with nostalgia and the past. I hope that in capturing common elements of our pasts--namely the entertainment we clung to--I can create unity with my writing. Essentially, I want people to read my stuff and say "Yup, I've felt that way too. But it was difficult to talk about." That's what I want, to help other folks feel they are understood and, by extension, not alone.

I write:

  • poetry with a narrative bent. My idol is Rod McKuen, who managed to craft lengthy and emotionally-charged poems that told real stories. You could read his work and understand exactly what he was trying to say without having to have a degree and skill in deciphering. That's what I try to do with my verse. I want to build worlds that reflect our own, both the physical outside and emotional inside of a person, but that are easy to comprehend.
  • non-fiction merging media with life. I grew up with video games. They are an important part of who I am and what I do. My non-fiction efforts are, mostly, about combining games with the life I have lived or things I have seen. It's simple, really! A lot of games journalism awkwardly shuffled anecdotes from life in with descriptions of gameplay or mechanics, but I think it can be smoother than that. That smoothness is what I'm pursuing.
  • criticism on games. Playing a lot of games means I think about them a lot. So I try to channel that thought into ways that we can learn from games and what they can learn from us, so to speak.
  • because I want to make people feel good. Bottom line. Mission statement.


Your obedient servant,
David Cole